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Shaping Bougainvilleas 1-2-3

Bougainvilleas are easy to grow. Many people grow bougainvilleas on trellises, along fence or in some specific area. They’re beautiful and vigorous and therefore will need attention to stay within their own area.

Ornamental Palms in the Landscape

Nothing says “Florida” quite like an ornamental palm in the landscape. It’s the tropical image that most people conjure up when they think of south Florida. There is quite a selection of palms for the home owner to choose from.

The Vining Lifestyle

Most vining plants are very easy to grow and can be very useful in the landscape in a number of ways. Use vines to cover a pergola or arbor and create an outdoor “living” room. A vine on a trellis can be a beautiful way to add height or color where needed in your landscape.