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Bedding Plants

Annuals and Perennials
The secret is out. Paint a landscape for all seasons by planting varied combinations of annuals and perennials. Brightening your landscape is as easy as adding a few spots with color and flowers.
Herbs and Vegetables
There is no rule that says vegetables and flowers can't mix. In fact, the vegetable garden will benefit greatly from the addition of some flowers and herbs. It's not just aesthetics that make flowers and herbs welcome in the vegetable garden. Interplanting flowers and herbs offers several beneficial features that can protect your vegetables from insect pests and even make them more productive.
Hanging Baskets
Hanging baskets are easy to plant and maintain and many plants, both annuals and perennials, will thrive in this lofty space. Baskets can be planted densely and will look lush and mature right from the start. And the real benefit of hanging baskets is that you can position color and focus exactly where you want it.
Custom Containers
Custom Containers are back with a vengeance, you can get the exact look you have been hoping for by choosing the perfect flowers to complete your front porch or lanai.

Interior Plants

Interior Foliage Plants are a beautiful addition to decorate any interior space, and they are so much more. Scientific research shows that plants in your home or office can significantly clean the air, thereby removing common toxic pollutants.
Blooming plants can add a world of color to any environment. Livening up an area to give it a more prestigious look and making a friendlier environment in which to live.

Trees & Shrubs

No other plant epitomizes Florida and the tropics like the palm tree. Check out our unparalleled selection.
Enjoy the convenience and the superior taste of home grown citrus. Let us help you choose the right varieties and you can harvest year round.
Fruit Trees
South Florida offers a wide variety of tropical fruit and nut trees. Take advantage of our sub-tropical climate to plant your own orchard full of all your favorites.
Trees & Shrubs
Both will be the foundation of your landscape design. Whether you are seeking form, function, or flowers, we can assist you in finding the perfect match.
Vines are a great accent to any garden. Use vines to beautify blank walls and fencing or to provide shade and color to your arbor or pergola.
Take advantage of our vast array of Ginger, Heliconias, Bromeliads, and orchids to transform your garden into a lush tropical oasis.
Different groundcovers have a multitude of uses; erosion control, weed control, and as a lawn alternative in shady or hard to water areas.


Phalaenopsis (fal-en-opp-siss)
Also known as "Moth Orchids", they are very easy to grow and have become America's favorite. And no wonder. Perhaps no other orchid is better suited to home orchid growing. Plants with long lasting sprays of lovely moth like blooms in a broad array of colors are inexpensive and widely available, ready to give weeks of pleasure in your home or office. Phalaenopsis are available year round. More Info
Dendrobium (den-DROH-bee-um)
Also known as the "Spray Orchid", the Dendrobiums are among the most commonly encountered orchids in the retail trade. They have well developed water storage organs (pseudobulbs), often called "canes" for their upright, leafy appearance. They should be potted in porous, free draining medium. There are many different types of Dendrobiums available. Stop by and check out the wide range of ever changing varieties shipped in weekly from Florida and Hawaii.
Oncidium (on-SID-ee-um)
This is an extraordinarily large and diverse New World genus with an equally diverse number of cultural requirements. Most will do well in a medium light of any exposure. More than one bloom cycle per year is not uncommon as plants mature. More Info
Vanda (VAN-da)
Many Vanda orchids are easily recognizable by their extensive root systems and the slatted wooden baskets they are grown in, with very coarse or no growing medium. High light is crucial to make these orchids bloom. More Info

Plant Tips & Care

Questions about your plants? Email us and we can help.

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   Pottery & Containers

Glazed Pottery
Glazed ceramic containers are a great way to bring color into your home, patio, or garden. We carry a seemingly endless supply with a vast array of colors, shapes, and designs. Whether you are in search of one of our custom designed orchid pots for your favorite Phalaenopsis or one that is hot tub size for a 2-story palm tree, we offer 1,000's of choices to fill your every need.
Driftwood carries a wide variety of concrete planters designed from old world classics. Our unique designs with rich, sculpted details are the perfect compliment to your entranceway, courtyard, or pool area.
Terra Cotta
Our Italian terra-cotta collection is unmatched in South Florida. We stock everything from classic garden favorites to hand made Tuscan originals still crafted by skilled artisans using techniques handed down through the ages.
Our lightweight containers are as versatile as they are durable. From the practicality of plastic to the detail of faux cast stone fiberglass, they are the perfect alternative when ceramic, terra cotta, or stone just will not do.
Eco Planters
Eco Planters are a decorative and eco-friendly alternative to plastic pots. Eco Planters are made of biodegradable products such as rice husks and bamboo pulp, which are mixed with non-toxic, environmentally friendly pigments, and then heat molded using an environmentally friendly cornstarch to seal the pots.

   Garden Supplies

Most landscape and garden tasks can be supported with an organic solution. We carry many different products from fertilizer and soil to insect and disease control to help your garden grow naturally. Driftwood is committed to earth-friendly gardening practices. Stop in to see our wide selection of organic products to meet all of your gardening needs.
Proper plant nutrition is essential for your plants to grow strong, stay healthy, flower profusely, and bear fruit bountifully. Driftwood has a fertilizer for every plant and every plant need. Stop by today and let one of our knowledgeable employees assist you in selecting the right fertilizer solution.
We offer many different chemical options for your insect, disease, and weed problems. Just bring a sample of the problem into one of our stores and allow our knowledgeable staff to make a diagnosis and recommend the right products to reach a safe and effective solution
Driftwood stocks an impressive selection of natural stone products which can add unmatched beauty and value to any home. Our River Rock and Glass Mulch can add color and texture to any outdoor space. While Flagstone, Fieldstone, and River Boulders offer limitless possibilities for walkways, water features, and landscape projects.
Why mulch? Using mulch in your garden is a great way to save time and energy. Mulch helps the soil hold moisture so you water less often, helping conserve water. It also suppresses weeds as it enhances the appearance of our yards and gardens. Mulches are environmentally friendly as they continue to enrich our soils over time.
Make any gardening task easier with our stylish and handy garden tools. Whether it is a time saving fruit picker, a wrist saving ergonomic hand tool, or even a Joshua Roth Bonsai Pruner, you will find it here at Driftwood. Stop in today to see our wide selection of tools to meet all of your gardening needs.

   Home & Garden Accents

Maybe you just need a little Bistro set to put the finishing touches on your look or perhaps you are looking to complete your outdoor living space. We have something to suit your every need and if it is not in stock, we will be more than happy to special order.
Driftwood is home to a huge selection of home & garden statues, indoor and outdoor statuary, water fountains and other home décor items.
Don't forget to protect your head from the hot rays of Southwest Florida! We have hats for both him & her, in a multitude of styles and colors. We also carry a wide variety of Slogger shoes to provide you with waterproof comfort while gardening.
Do you want to learn about the many different orchids, how to care for your pond and Koi or the specific needs of cactus & succulents - we have a book for everything.
Have you been hoping to attract some wildlife to your backyard? We have it all, whether you are looking for a birdhouse, butterfly house, or even a bat house, we have it here. Just looking for some short-term visitors, we have bird feeders, squirrel feeders, and all the fixings to go with it
Wind Chimes
We have a huge selection of wind chimes in stock. These beautiful chimes make a perfect addition to your porch, lanai, or garden. Sit back and listen to the chimes as they are played by the wind.
Silk flowers and plants look great all year round and will never die. Find beautiful artificial flowers and trees as well as silk flower arrangements located throughout our stores.


The beauty and functionality of ceramic dates back thousands of years. Bring this timeless appeal to your garden in the form of a soothing fountain. Aesthetically pleasing, emotionally calming ... take a look at our selection of ceramic fountains.
Our selection of handcrafted concrete cast stone fountains is truly diverse, combining form and function with unique sculptural features and details. Add to that dozens of acid washed and stained finishes and you can experience their lasting old world beauty in your home or garden.
Spitter / Spouts
Fountain spitters are named as such because they generally take the form of a sculpted animal, person, or mythical being that "spits" water out of its mouth. Fountain spitters can be quite fun when paired with a pond, but they can also be used in other areas; however, an added benefit of using a spitter with a pond is that it helps to circulate the water.
Natural stone fountains with their timeless beauty and unmatched durability have played an important role in gardens and landscapes for many centuries. Need to make a dramatic statement? Seeking the calm and serenity of a meditation garden? Natural stone can answer these questions and more. Stop in today to see our full line of one of a kind Basalt, Granite, and Natural Stone fountains.

   Water Gardening

The lifestyle of a pond owner is to be envied. Day or night, the soothing sounds of cascading water and the tranquility of koi and goldfish swimming about, add serenity to a pond owner's life that is beyond description. Our eco-friendly pond systems are available to fit any space. Professional installation is available by Driftwood. For the adventurous, weekend warriors, our systems are also DIY friendly.
Pondless Water Features
Pondless water features have become the most popular category in water gardening. A pondless feature, whether it is a waterfall and stream or a ceramic urn bubbling over onto a bed of gravel, offers many benefits of a pond, without standing water. For families with young children or part-time residents, these features are ideal for their safety and low maintenance benefits. As with the regular pond systems, we offer pondless systems for the DIYers, as well as professional installation.
Koi and goldfish are the most popular water garden fish. Driftwood stocks thousands of koi and goldfish at our locations. We stock fish as small as 3 inches to bigger than 24 inches and decorative grade to the highest quality premium grade. Come in to pick out that perfect fish for your water garden.
Aquatic plants are an important part of maintaining a healthy and balanced water feature. Without plants, many water gardens struggle with algae and green water. Driftwood has a wide variety of marginal (shallow water) plants as well as beautiful water lilies. Water lilies are known for their beautiful flowers that emerge from the water surface, but they also supply the pond with shade for the fish. Visit Driftwood for our wide selection of aquatic plants and pond Supplies