Assorted House Plants


House plants are a wonderful addition to anyone’s house looking to spruce up their interior space. We have many options from classics like African violets and fiddle leaf figs to unique sansevieria varieties and hanging baskets of many kinds of ferns. Bright but indirect sunlight is best for most house plants, but certain plants may be acclimated to different conditions.


There are quite a few house plants that still flower even without all of the heavy sunlight that most of the big landscape trees and shrubs require. Bromeliads are a good example; bromeliads are common down here not only because they grow very easily, but because of the combinations of colors and patterns as well. Bromeliads in general can grow in just about any situation, besides being submerged in water. They have a very shallow root system and take in most of their water through the cups in the leaves that collect rainfall naturally. Because of this, they are commonly found growing in trees as air plants.


Aglaonema is fairly common house plant that boasts numerous different color combinations without having to worry about blooms. Mostly reds, pinks, whites and greens, they have great versatility when it comes to adding to a color-specific design. They are generally hardy plants, and as long as they are not getting too much direct sunlight they should do well. They do feature a small flower periodically but they are mostly known for their eye-popping colored foliage.

Watering plants thoroughly and then allowing time to dry out before the next watering is essential to many plants in southwest Florida, so it is best to use a well-draining soil when planting. Using the appropriate fertilizer is important for plants to thrive, so it is good practice to do it on a regular schedule to ensure good plant health. We recommend fertilizing quarterly with organic or granular extended-release fertilizer for best results.




Below is a short list of popular plants in this field:

*Selection may vary by location / time of year Рlist does not directly reflect current inventory*

  • Foliage-focus
    • Ivy, Ferns, Pothos, Calathea, Aglaonema, Alocasia, Stromanthe, Sansevieria, Philodendron, Ficus, Carnivorous Plants. Dracaena, Croton,¬†Dieffenbachia, Ginger, Bromeliad, Air Plants, Aralia, Zig-Zag, Farfugium, Wandering Jew.



  • Palms / Trees
    • Chamadorea Palm, Neanthebella Palm, Majesty Palm, Cat Palm, Raphis Palm, Old Man Palm, Ficus Tree, Yucca, Japanese Fern Tree, Assorted Bonsai Trees.


  • Flower-focus
    • Begonia,¬†Anthurium, African Violet, Dwarfed Hibiscus, Cyclamen, Hydrangea, Bromeliad, Air Plants, Ginger, Japanese Peace Lily, White Bird of Paradise, Stephanotis, Hoya, Medinella.


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